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Sorrow & Pain is Portobello Express’ Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Portobello Express wastes no time casting their spell with the opening riff of “Sorrow & Pain.”

Sorrow & Pain is Portobello Express’ Single Out Now

 The guitar line thrums with a distinctly medieval flair, immediately drawing the listener into an intriguing and familiar world.

Then, Betty’s vocals take centre stage, their intensity and unique tone adding a halo of theatrical intrigue.

The song unfolds like a sonic séance, channeling the dark energy of a bygone era. Hints of a Sabbat ritual linger in the atmosphere, a captivating blend of the magical and the sinister that keeps you glued until the very last note.

Portobello Express is a genre-bending alchemist, masterfully fusing traditional music with progressive rock and folk influences.

Sorrow & Pain is Portobello Express' Single Out Now

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At certain points, the vocal melodies even evoke System of a Down. While a bold comparison – due to SOAD’s heavier lean towards metal – both bands share a love of weaving ethnic influences into their sound.

This shared approach to musical traditions shows the talent and experience of Portobello Express’s musicians.

The production is top-notch, further amplifying the band’s unique vision. “Sorrow & Pain” is a portal to a world entirely their own, a world waiting to be explored.

Sorrow & Pain is Portobello Express’ Single Out Now!


Vienna-based band Portobello Express are like a time portal into the golden age of the Psychedelic Heavy Blues Rock, exploring a sound that has its roots in the late 60s and early 70s and harnessing that era’s unique, raw energy whilst paying homage to their multicultural roots.

“Portobello” is both a reference to London’s famed Portobello Road, the psychedelic mushrooms of the same name and singer Betty’s Italian heritage, whereas “Express” is a neat reference to “espresso” – an Italian staple – and trains and their sheer power. The band has evolved to become a force that reminds us what it was like when Psych & Heavy Rock were in their heyday, with a powerful stage presence that unites the room.

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