Edgar Allan Poets – Noir Rock Band | sorry.x is Louis And The Shakes' Single Out Now
sorry.x is Louis And The Shakes’ Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
that Louis And The Shakes is a great band was already clear to me from the previous songs.

sorry.x is Louis And The Shakes’ Single Out Now

This song adds even more charm to this band.

These guys are determined to make their dream come true and are going their own way and never looking back.

All their songs are top-notch quality both for production and visuals.

sorry.x is an irreverent, dark and powerful, somewhat paranoid song that recalls the music of the late 90s.

The band plays impeccably, you feel the energy unleashing from the instruments and it’s great to hear the chemistry between bass and drums. They follow each other like shadows supporting the rhythmic structure of the tune.

sorry.x is a great piece. Direct and sincere with no strings attached.

Lyrics are deep, truly a great musical experience🤟

sorry.x is Louis And The Shakes’ Single Out Now!


sorry.x is Louis And The Shakes’ Single Out Now

Hot footing from their sell-out performance at London’s Moth Club, stalwarts of the indie live circuit, Louis and the Shakes, are back with new music, yielding a darker soundscape of arrangements and pop sensibility as they release their first single for 2023, ‘Sorry.X’ out now. ‘Sorry.X’ is the first single plucked from their forthcoming EP, ‘Everything The Glitters Isn’t Gold’, out later this year.

Written over the last year, the ‘Everything That Glitters Isn’t Gold’ EP, is a glaring introspection with scintillating sounds, contemporary production and deep meaningful lyrics that all together display a band that have matured immensely since their debut LP ‘How Badly Do You Want It’. Louis and The Shakes have transformed into a new beast which will surely see them propelling into more mainstream audiences as 2023 rolls out. ‘Sorry.X’ takes the band into grungier, heavier undertones, sonically; lyrically opening up about anxieties, being skint and saying things you’ll regret, touching delicately on struggles with alcohol which is a recurring theme throughout the EP.

‘Sorry.X’ is unapologetically darker and heavier than anything you’ve ever experienced from Louis and The Shakes to date – prepare to be immersed!

Find Louis And The Shakes Here:


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