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Sounds Gay, I’m in! is Resting B!tch Face’s Ep Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Resting B!tch Face’s EP, “Sounds Gay, I’m In!”, is an energetic and contagious musical experience that embarks on a wild ride from start to finish.

Sounds Gay, I’m in! is Resting B!tch Face’s Ep Out Now

The band’s wild vibes and instinctive approach create a sense of excitement that entertains listeners throughout the entire EP.

What sets Resting B!tch Face apart is their willingness to go against the grain of mainstream music.

They fearlessly blend a passionate sound that defies conventions and challenges the status quo. This rebellious spirit infuses the EP with an unapologetic and direct energy that demands attention.

The band’s musicianship is evident in every track, showcasing their ability to play with precision and skill. The guitar solos, intricate and beautiful, add a layer of sophistication to the music.

The solid rhythmic session serves as the backbone, holding the dynamic structure of each song together with precision.

The vocals are an integral component of Resting B!tch Face’s sound. The delivery is confident, adding to the overall strength and impact of the music.

It’s clear that this band is not here to joke around; they consistently deliver a powerful and wonderful musical experience.

This EP shows the band’s commitment to delivering exciting and rebellious music that refuses to be confined by genre expectations.

Sounds Gay, I’m in! is Resting B!tch Face’s Ep Out Now!

Irreverent and Intense!

Sounds Gay, I’m in! is Resting B!tch Face’s Ep Out Now

Resting B!tch Face are an exciting, south asian female-fronted queercore punk collective from Birmingham, UK featuring members of the LGBTQIA+ Community. Known for their bold, energetic and sassy live shows, RBF play covers & original songs with an imaginative, unique and genre-blending twist.

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