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Southend Vic is The Miller Test’s new single & video

Good Day Noir Family,
The Miller Test dropped a new single and video ‘Southend Vic’, a song from the album ‘Dead Blue’, and I’m more than happy to tell you what I think about it.

I must admit that this band always has the ability to amaze me, not only do they produce beautiful music but also the music videos are of the highest quality.

I was very impressed with the story of Southend Vic’s video. It is more a short film than only a music video. These somewhat, paranoid and unstable atmospheres speak deeply to me.

I’ve seen references to Kubrick and Lynch in the story and cinematography of this video. The two guys eagerly eating cake in the pub reminded me of the twins from The Shining and the overall vibe of the video reminded me of Mulholland Drive.

The song is perfect, I haven’t found any flaws in the execution, production, and composition.

I am a fan of The Miller Test, they produce high-quality artistic content.

Southend Vic is The Miller Test’s single & video Out Now!

Pure Art!


Quote: “Second video single from our second album. Dreamily trip-hoppish alt-rock riven with lavish electronic percussion. Sounds like a Bonham-sampling Portishead, or a druggier, feminised Radiohead – and with a nostalgic, seemingly personal lyric that’s a lot more romantically confessional than MT fans have come to expect.

The video is a nightmare at the beach – Brighton Rock by way of Nicholas Roeg.


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