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Space Oddity is The Golden Duck Orchestra’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Reimagining a legendary song like David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” is no small feat, yet The Golden Duck Orchestra, led by the visionary Flavio Marchesin, has managed to create a charming version of this timeless masterpiece.

Space Oddity is The Golden Duck Orchestra’s Single Out Now

From the first notes, it’s evident that Marchesin and his team have taken a bold approach, infusing modern vibes into the iconic tune.

The use of a strong distorted guitar to launch the chorus adds a dynamic and contemporary edge, while the electronic effects and sound design in the verses contribute to a fresh and innovative sonic landscape.

The vocal interpretation in this rendition is flawless, maintaining the emotional depth of the original while adding a distinct touch.

Around the 2:40 mark, a surprising and truly intriguing piano solo emerges, catching the listener off guard in the best possible way. This unexpected twist showcases the orchestra’s ability to blend genres seamlessly.

One of the standout elements of The Golden Duck Orchestra’s version is the incorporation of Jazz vibes that lend a refined and sophisticated twist to the song.

This stylistic choice not only pays homage to Bowie’s eclectic spirit but also elevates the cover to a new level of musical artistry.

 The orchestra’s meticulous attention to detail is evident throughout the song, creating a well-conceived cover that is both respectful of the original and a unique interpretation in its own right.

Space Oddity is The Golden Duck Orchestra’s Single Out Now!


The Golden Duck Orchestra, the brainchild of Brazilian maestro Flavio Marchesin, isn’t just a project – it’s a musical odyssey. With a background in crafting soundtracks for films and publicity, Flavio’s journey led him through multiple musical projects, including the acclaimed MegaRex.

MegaRex, a musical force, toured Brazil and made a splash at national festivals like the VISA Composers Award and Festival da TV Cultura, as well as international festivals including the British Music Week in London, SXSW, and CMJ. They even reached the coveted stage of “Domingão do Faustão,” the country’s highest-rated TV show. Yet, the tale takes an unexpected twist – a printer’s ink mishap on the day of contract negotiations with EMI Brazil left the deal hanging.

Frustrated with the bureaucratic dance of Brazilian record companies, Flavio orchestrated a metamorphosis. In 2016, MegaRex donned a new international avatar, The Golden Duck Orchestra. The orchestra’s EP, with English vocals, organically quacked up over 2,400 playlists, 200,000 Spotify plays, and 150,000 YouTube views (gluten-free, of course).

Now, brace yourselves for the crescendo – the orchestra is gearing up to launch “Duck and Cover”, an album with unconventional takes on hits by legends like Stevie Wonder, The Police, Ricky Martin, Justin Timberlake, James Taylor, etc. This musical reinterpretation extravaganza will unfold, single by single, each month. Following the sonic journey of “Duck and Cover”, GDO will unveil an album of original songs, “The Quack of Dawn”.

Sir Flavio Marchesin has got his rock roots and a ton more musical feathers in his cap – alternative rock, progressive rock, pop, hard rock, jazz, electronica – all seasoned with a pinch of rosemary and arugula, just to keep things interesting. As The Golden Duck Orchestra prepares to take flight, anticipate a symphony of quirkiness and sonic surprises in the musical dawn. The quack is back!


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