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Speak For A Moment is Matt DeAngelis’ Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
In the midst of a global pandemic that left us feeling like prisoners in our own lives, Matt DeAngelis emerges as a beacon of hope with his single “Speak For A Moment.”

Speak For A Moment is Matt DeAngelis’ Single Out Now

 This soul-stirring song captures the desire for change in a world yearning for better days, all while boasting a remarkably catchy melody and meticulously refined arrangements that leave a lasting impression.

“Speak For A Moment” takes listeners on an emotional journey, evoking a sense of unity and resilience during these challenging times.

With a voice that is both emotive and heartfelt, he delivers the song’s message with sincerity, making it easy for listeners to connect on a personal level.

The song’s melody is undeniably infectious, lodging itself in the mind long after the music fades away.

From the first note, the enchanting tune draws you in and doesn’t let go. It’s a testament to DeAngelis’ talent as a songwriter and performer that he can craft a melody that exudes both comfort and optimism, effectively providing solace to those who may be struggling.

The musical tapestry DeAngelis creates is rich, layered, and lush, adding depth and sophistication to an already powerful composition.

Listeners who have an ear for legendary artists such as Elton John may find themselves drawn to Matt DeAngelis’ compositional style.

While carving his unique path, DeAngelis pays homage to the timeless craftsmanship that artists like Elton John have brought to the world of music.

It’s evident that DeAngelis has a deep appreciation for the art of storytelling through song, and his work carries the torch of this storied tradition.

“Speak For A Moment” is not just a song; it’s an anthem for a generation that has endured unparalleled challenges.

As we continue to navigate the uncertainties of the world, this song will undoubtedly echo in our minds and hearts for a long time to come, reminding us that even in the darkest of times, hope can be found.

Speak For A Moment is Matt DeAngelis’ Single Out Now!


Speak For A Moment is Matt DeAngelis’ Single Out Now

“This song was written to exemplify my determination of living in the present and fulfilling desires to make a difference in the world. There is limited time for us to do so, being how abrupt and exponential life truly is. I believe that everyone carries the potential to change the world for the better, but one must speak and break their silence for that potential to be unlocked. I wrote this song towards the very beginning of the pandemic where my inspirations stemmed from initially. It was almost as if I felt imprisoned on Earth with the unrest during this time, so my desire to create change expressed itself through writing. We seldom turn our attention to the macrocosm of life, where there is only a moment in time to fossilize your mark. In turn, this will set you free, whether you begin your journey as a “stoner” and evolve to a “donor,” the choice is yours, but the clock is still running. I hope this song can provide inspiration for all, especially to those who have not yet realized their significance on Earth.”

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