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Specials is Breaktime’s Album Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
What truly captivates me about this band’s music is the invigorating sense of freshness and sheer happiness it exudes.

Specials is Breaktime’s Album Out Now

It instantly conjures thoughts of iconic groups like the Beach Boys and The Monkees, known for their upbeat and joyful tunes.

A noteworthy aspect that strongly resonates with me is how their songwriting is deeply rooted in their New Jersey surroundings, reminiscent of the nostalgic ambiance depicted in the beloved television series, Happy Days.

Each time I immerse myself in their melodies, I can’t help but envision the charismatic Fonzie strolling in at any given moment, accompanied by a group of lively companions.

Among their repertoire, the ballad “Dandelion” stands out as a tranquil oasis amidst the energetic burst of 60’s rock-inspired tracks.

This carefully crafted pause in the midst of musical dynamism showcases their versatility and adds a layer of emotional depth to their collection.

BreakTime exhibits a remarkable and unwavering clarity in their artistic direction.

Rather than relying on the allure of time travel, as if having stumbled upon a DeLorean from the past, they boldly embrace the essence of bygone eras and skillfully infuse it into the present.

Their approach, both refined and countercurrent, was all it took to instantly convert me into an avid admirer of their musical project.

Foreseeing a luminous path ahead, it’s undeniable that this band is destined for greatness. Their commitment to producing music of exceptional quality is palpable, hinting at a future brimming with accomplishments and an ever-growing fanbase.

Specials is Breaktime’s Album Out Now!

Pure Joy!

Specials is Breaktime’s Album Out Now

If you have ever lived in or visited New Jersey, you have never been too far away from one of the many traditional diners the so-called, “Diner Capital of The World,” boasts. My local diner, The Broadway Diner, played host to many significant moments in my life and inspired this EP.

The font “Specials” is written in on the cover art is directly taken from their daily specials menu while the EP’s songs are composed in styles you would hear at the diner. Like a daily specials menu, BreakTime’s “Specials” is our seasonal assortment of the surf rock, power pop, and merseybeat that define the BreakTime sound.

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