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Spooked is Blame Club’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Blame Club’s single “Spooked” unveils a band rich in compositional experience and refined artistic taste.

Spooked is Blame Club’s Single Out Now

The song’s meticulously carefully selected sounds showcase the band’s maturity and attention to detail.

A standout feature of “Spooked” is its minimalistic groove, which provides a solid foundation for the melody to flourish.

The sound design is exemplary, with layers of intricate details that entertain the listeners throughout the performance, offering an immersive sonic experience.

Toby’s vocals are charming, with moments where his timbre evokes shades of Robert Smith, adding a haunting halo to the song.

“Spooked” exudes a twilight atmosphere, its hypnotic qualities ideal for those who embrace the mysteries of the night.

Listening to Blame Club, one can’t help but envision wandering the nocturnal streets of the city, lost in contemplation and introspection.

“Spooked” is a journey into the depths of the night, guided by Blame Club’s refined musicality and artistic vision.

Spooked is Blame Club’s Single Out Now!


Blame Club are: Mike – piano, synthesizer, James – drums, guitar, bass, Toby – guitar, piano, synthesizer, voice

Blame Club are petals on a wet black bough, baby. 20 years ago – we formed The Dead Lovers in Bristol before it all went wrong.

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