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Spot is Of Love and Lust – OLAL’ Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Of Love and Lust – OLAL’s single “Spot” invites listeners on a unique journey, harmoniously blending classic rock vibes with a modern, post-apocalyptic twist.

Spot is Of Love and Lust – OLAL’ Single Out Now

Picture a scenario where a Mad Max-inspired Elvis strolls towards you, and you’ll find yourself immersed in the distinctive sound crafted by this band.

The band’s infusion of psychedelic elements into the rock sounds of the ’60s creates a unique, futuristic approach that pays homage to the past.

Of Love and Lust – OLAL emerges as a group of exceptional musicians, with Gareth Jones’ touch in composing and production adding a distinctive layer to their sound and vision.

This band sounds cohesive despite the members being in different parts of the world. The diversity of cultures at the core of their musical vision contributes to the richness of their sound.

While drawing inspiration from the typically uplifting vibes of ’60s rock, Of Love and Lust – OLAL introduces a twilight atmosphere that adds a layer of intrigue to their music.

Of Love and Lust – OLAL showcases a musical talent. “Spot” is a truly distinctive addition to the contemporary music scene.

Spot is Of Love and Lust – OLAL’ Single Out Now!


Of Love and Lust – OLAL is the latest project being produced and mixed by Gareth Jones of London, best known for his work producing and mixing several of Depeche Mode’s top albums and singles.

Of Love and Lust (OLAL) is an alternative indie electronic band with members scattered across four countries: Rush in Berlin, Germany; Kuzman in Skopje, Macedonia; Gareth “Genius” Jones in London, England; Christie in San Francisco; A-Bomb in Asheville, North Carolina; and Skunk based in Tucson, Arizona. This diversity translates into a musical blending that creates a uniqueness for OLAL. In addition to being a member of the band, Gareth Jones is well know for producing albums for many renowned artists including Depeche Mode, Erasure, Interpol, Grizzly Bear and Nick Cave.

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