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Stand Me Up Again is Micah Sheveloff’s Single Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Micah Sheveloff’s single “Stand Me Up Again” is a captivating journey through a landscape of emotions, artfully weaving elements of Folk, Jazz, and Rock into a cinematic masterpiece.

Stand Me Up Again is Micah Sheveloff’s Single Now

This remix of his original song from 2012 delivers a refined vocal performance that leaves a lasting impact on the listener.

From the very first notes, it becomes evident that Sheveloff’s compositional abilities are nothing short of remarkable. The song’s arrangement is expertly crafted, utilizing a dynamic blend of instruments that adds depth and texture to the overall sound.

The fusion of different influences creates a unique and enthralling musical experience that sets Micah Sheveloff apart as a truly innovative artist.

The standout feature of “Stand Me Up Again” lies in the vocal performance. Sheveloff’s voice is expressive and evocative, conveying a wide range of emotions that deeply resonate with the listener.

At certain moments, his vocal timbre bears a striking resemblance to the late Chris Cornell, delivering a sense of raw power and vulnerability. This parallel to a legendary voice of Rock adds a layer of nostalgia and reverence to the track, making it all the more captivating.

Lyrically, “Stand Me Up Again” delves into the theme of life’s choices and the desire for guidance during uncertain times. It speaks to those moments when one finds themselves on the wrong path, yearning for someone to lend a helping hand and illuminate the way forward.

This universal message makes the song highly relatable, as listeners can connect with the feeling of vulnerability and the hope for redemption that it embodies.

“Stand Me Up Again” showcases Micah Sheveloff’s ability to paint a vivid emotional landscape through his music.

Stand Me Up Again is Micah Sheveloff’s Single Now!


Stand Me Up Again is Micah Sheveloff’s Single Now

Micah Sheveloff is a Boston-born pianist and songwriter who has merged an intense classical music foundation with a unique feel for popular song craftsmanship. Sheveloff’s career has included live and studio work with numerous artists, highlighted by Gary Cherone (Extreme, Van Halen), John Fowler (Steelheart), Marc Shulman (Suzanne Vega), Mike Malinin (Goo Goo Dolls), Meliah Rage and The Detours. In 2002,

Sheveloff founded The Voodoo Jets, a unique power pop trio that released two CD’s to critical acclaim. Sheveloff has a passion for great sound and has also been an outspoken advocate for high-performance
audio as well as old school recording techniques. www.micahsheveloff.com


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