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Standing Still is Ethan Senger’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Ethan Senger’s latest single, “Standing Still,” presents a captivating musical experience that seamlessly intertwines elements of the past with a contemporary touch.

Standing Still is Ethan Senger’s Single Out Now

With a refined compositional approach and an infusion of alternative rock vibes, the song manages to captivate listeners from the very first note and carries them through an emotionally charged journey until the final seconds.

Drawing inspiration from the early 2000s, Ethan Senger skillfully modernizes the sound, giving it a fresh and distinct flavor. The nostalgic undertones resonate with those familiar with the era, while the artist’s innovative twist keeps it relevant for today’s audience.

One of the standout features of the single is its attention to musical detail, particularly the chord progression.  Unlike mundane and predictable arrangements, Senger’s chord choices are daring and unpredictable, ensuring that the song remains engaging and surprising at every turn.

This willingness to experiment with harmonies sets him apart from his peers and showcases his musical prowess.

However, what truly sets “Standing Still” apart is its lyrical depth. The song delves into the realm of unresolved emotional wounds from childhood, a topic that strikes a universal chord with listeners.

Senger’s poignant and introspective lyrics bring to the surface emotions that might have been buried deep within, allowing for a cathartic listening experience.

It’s a testament to his songwriting ability and emotional authenticity that he can articulate such complex and intimate themes in a relatable and compelling manner.

Standing Still is Ethan Senger’s Single Out Now!


Standing Still is Ethan Senger’s Single Out Now

Ethan Senger is a third generation guitarist who first picked up the instrument when he was seven years old — and never really put it down again. Raised in a suburb of Atlanta, GA, he also began singing and performing shows around that same age, and started writing and recording genre melding pop/rock/singer-songwriter tunes in his late teens.

After the release of his 2020 self-titled EP, followed by his single “I’m Fine” in 2021, Senger’s sophomore EP, Standing Still, explores the oft relatable themes of unresolved emotional wounds from childhood, as well as feigned indifference and the games people play when it comes to cultivating meaningful relationships, and also stagnancy due to fear of failure coupled with the ever increasing worldly distractions of his always-plugged-in generation.

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