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Starlight is Peekay’s Album Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Pranati Khanna, known by her stage name Peekay, delivers an electrifying experience in her album “Starlight”.

Starlight is Peekay’s Album Out Now

The album immediately grabs your attention with Peekay’s captivating and sultry voice, which possesses an irresistible allure that entices and hypnotizes, drawing you into her musical world.

From the very first note, it’s evident that Peekay’s album is fueled by a pulsating energy that courses through each track.

This modern rock offering is a testament to her remarkable vocal skills and the vibrant melodies that underpin the entire collection.

What’s striking about “Peekay” is the consistent presence of energetic compositions.

Each song is a powerful burst of modern rock, carried by polished melodies and captivating guitar riffs that linger in your mind long after the music fades.

Peekay’s ability to infuse each track with magnetic energy is a testament to her immersion in the rock genre, and her vivacity is utterly contagious.

The album’s centerpiece is undoubtedly Peekay’s unwavering determination and the palpable fire of rock that flows through her veins.

This raw determination resonates through her music, serving as both an inspiration and a driving force for listeners to embrace their own passions.

Peekay’s fearless approach not only sets her apart as an artist but also encourages her audience to seize their aspirations with equal fervor.

A standout moment on the album is the track “No Ordinary,” and the accompanying music video is a visual treat that shouldn’t be missed.

The video perfectly showcases Peekay’s ability to seamlessly blend rock vibes with elements of Bollywood, resulting in a unique and fantastic fusion that encapsulates her artistic versatility.

Starlight is Peekay’s Album Out Now!


Starlight is Peekay’s Album Out Now

Pranati Khanna aka Peekay – has built her name performing for close to a decade all around India. She was vocalist for the popular indie-rock band Spell Check (formerly known as The Ragamuffins) and is currently one of the pioneers of RnB and Jazz music appreciation in Hyderabad.

During the 2020 lockdown, Peekay released her debut single as a solo artist ” Good,old Fashioned in Love” with Grammy-nominated producer- Jonathan Anand Wesley and followed that with another single “Dunno” which was a dreamy narrative on lockdown life and produced by her fellow band-mate and renowned Hyderabadi producer – Jonathan Edward.

In 2021, Peekay put out a super fun dance track with Jonathan Wesley called Much Better , the video for which was a Red Bull O.L collaboration in Hyderabad and grew vastly popular because of its message of positivity.

Apart from being heavily involved in the growing music scene, Peekay is also the co-founder of a marketing agency called “The Whole Shebang”.

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