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STARTHROWERS is Shannon Hawley’s Album Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
I already reviewed Shannon Hawley in the past but this talented artist is back with her album STARTHROWERS and this is what I think about it.

STARTHROWERS is Shannon Hawley’s Album Out Now

I’m excited to listen to a full album by this artist.

A complete musical experience that demonstrates the great eclecticism of Shannon Hawley. She was able in STARTHROWERS to mix all the influences that inspired her to compose a fantastic Album.

One of the songs that I liked the most is Lights In Holland. A rock song with a pressing rhythm that entertained me from the first to the last second. The ballad Walk Each Other Home is also beautiful and refined. To be honest all the songs are solid.

The nuances of Kate Bush and Alice Morrissette in Shannon Hawley’s voice and interpretation, which I noticed when I reviewed Our History, are reconfirmed.

This album is a sequence of emotions and atmospheres. The songs flow one after another smoothly. The sequence in which they have been ordered really allows you to enjoy a complete musical experience.

Shannon Hawley’s compositional evolution is evident. Her previous album was released in 2015 and in recent years her artistic vision has become more and more focused.

10 out of 10!

STARTHROWERS is Shannon Hawley’s Album Out Now!

Great Experience!

STARTHROWERS is Shannon Hawley’s Album Out Now

Shannon Hawley is releasing STARTHROWERS, 8 years in the making, with EDM producer NekterGun. The synth layers with her clear voice and folk-roots storytelling make this hybrid sound sometimes anthemic, always cinematic, and somehow seemingly intimate – piercing directly to the heart.

Compared to Florence and the Machine, Kate Bush, and Fiona Apple with a spin on her New Jersey Springsteen-like roots and songwriting. STARTHROWERS is a memoir in song paying homage to women, caretakers, and ancestors who have done the brave and often overlooked task of fiercely loving and caring for people, connecting the world like the underground mycelium network, and honoring the earth itself.



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