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State of Mind is Beatflux’s New Ep Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
I already reviewed the Beatflux in the past but they are out now with a new Ep and I want to share my opinion about it.

Muca and his Beatflux are back to make you breathe the real rock, that music that gets inside you and awakens your rock spirit.

This new Ep ‘State of Mind’ has the rock of the 90s as its leitmotif, the first piece reminded me in some passages of Pearl Jam, the intricate melodic line rests on a solid sound base where the band plays close-knit and precise.

The second track makes you breathe a little and is more introspective and it is followed by a brilliant ballad called The End. Then the energy builds again with ‘Wet’ and then the Ep ends with another more sophisticated and intense tune.

This band knows how to do it and Muca is a great composer and manages to excite with always fascinating harmonic intuitions.

Honestly, I have not found flaws in this Ep, in my opinion, it is very well-conceived…a sound experience studied in every minimum detail that manages to excite the listener.

Thumbs up!

Great Rock, Great Music!


‘State Of Mind’ has spawned 5 singles and is an ambitious hard rock master-class. The E.P includes the fast-paced Soundgarden-Esque ‘Bleeding Myself’, the punk-rock ‘WET’ and the Rock-Opus that is ’Fading With the Morning’. All 5 tracks have seen praise from the likes of Classic Rock Magazine and Planet Rock Radio.

Muca states:
“This EP is the beginning of something special that could last for a long time. It’s my “introduction” of tracks I have written in the past in partnership with some friends that I now want to expand and bring new compositions I’m working on, for more singles and hopefully a Long Play in the foreseeable future”

The Beatflux is a collective global rock project created by London-based Guitarist and producer Muca.
Muca is the mastermind behind the band. Guitarist, music producer, mixing engineer and London Calling 89fm presenter at A Rádio Rock, he has used all his experience to develop this project.

Find The Beatflux Here:


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