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Stifled is Ollie Twohill’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Delving into Ollie Twohill’s latest single, “Stifled,” it’s evident that this artist, with a history of using music as a vehicle for important messages, has once again chosen a poignant theme—this time, shining a spotlight on mental health and depression.

Stifled is Ollie Twohill’s Single Out Now

The infusion of Post Malone vibes imparts a unique flavor to the track, seamlessly blending with Ollie Twohill’s distinctive style.

At the heart of the song, as always, are the lyrics, serving as a focal point to convey profound concepts and instill hope for those grappling with mental health challenges.

The words become a lifeline, encouraging listeners to persevere and seek help.

The vocal interpretation is passionate, offering a visceral connection to the artist’s emotional investment in both the music and the messages he crafts.

This sincerity and honesty are the very pillars that elevate Ollie Twohill’s music, making it stand out and resonate on a profoundly personal level.

Stifled is Ollie Twohill’s Single Out Now!


Stifled is Ollie Twohill’s Single Out Now

Stifled is a track that displays struggles with mental health and suicide prevention. We all suffer with mental health related challenges at some point in our lives. I wrote it as a call for help in a way, channeling negative emotions I’ve felt in periods of my life where I’ve hit rock bottom and wanted to end it all.

Over the years I’ve learnt how important it is to speak to the people closest to you about how you’re really feeling. It’s honestly saved my life by doing so. If you or the people you love aren’t feeling 100%, it’s so important to speak out and check in on the people you love most. Even if people seem happy, it’s important to check in with people because you never truly know how they’re feeling and you might just save a life because of it.

The song is dedicated to anyone who lost a family member or friend and a song to encourage people to reach out for help or a chat when they are really struggling mentally and not coping with life in general.

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