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STIGMA ENIGMA is Clare Easdown’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Clare Easdown’s latest single, “STIGMA ENIGMA,” is a journey through raw emotion and societal introspection.

STIGMA ENIGMA is Clare Easdown’s Single Out Now

From the first notes, it grips the listener with its haunting melody and deep lyrics.

Easdown’s performance on “STIGMA ENIGMA” is amazing.

With a voice that navigates the delicate balance between vulnerability and strength, she delivers each lyric with a sincerity that is impossible to ignore.

It’s evident that Easdown pours her heart and soul into every second of this track, and her authenticity shines through. I was moved by her performance.

Thematically, “STIGMA ENIGMA” delves into the complexities of human connection and the masks we wear in society.

Easdown explores the tendency for people to judge others superficially without truly understanding the struggles they may be facing beneath the surface.  Nowadays empathy and understanding seem to be in short supply.

The accompanying music video is a masterful piece of visual storytelling in its own right.

Shot in a style reminiscent of found footage films, even though this is reality it transports the viewer into the core of this story.

A complete artist that makes music to share important messages to the world.

STIGMA ENIGMA is Clare Easdown’s Single Out Now!


STIGMA ENIGMA is Clare Easdown’s Single Out Now

“STIGMA ENIGMA” is a raw and genuine cry out to the masses to abolish mental health stigma once and for all. Mental illness is still to this day so heavily stigmatised and this track seeks to break down the solidified walls of mental health stigma that is so heavily engrained in society today.

Mental Illness is extremely common and many people suffer daily, “STIGMA ENIGMA” was created to provide a safe space for those who are filled with the painful effects of mental health stigma to come together and finally find relief. This track seeks to bring awareness to mental illness and highlights how important it is that we judge less and love more.

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