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Strawberry Jam is Francis Alban Blake’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Francis Alban Blake’s single “Strawberry Jam” is a riveting testament to the power of art, delivered with an intense and direct vocal performance that leaves a lasting impact.

Strawberry Jam is Francis Alban Blake’s Single Out Now

From the moment the song begins, it’s clear that Blake’s approach is both unique and captivating, drawing listeners in with its raw and unfiltered energy.

The recording of “Strawberry Jam” is fantastic, placing the artist close to the microphone, which in turn creates an intimate and personal connection between the artist and the listener.

It’s as if Blake is right there in the room, pouring his heart and soul into every lyric. This approach enhances the song’s emotional depth, making it feel like a shared experience rather than just a musical performance.

Blake’s theatrical compositional approach shines brightly in “Strawberry Jam,” showcasing his undeniable talent and creative vision.

The song’s structure and progression are meticulously crafted, guiding the listener through a narrative that is both thought-provoking and emotionally charged.

Blake’s ability to convey complex emotions through his music is a true testament to his artistry.

The heart of “Strawberry Jam” lies in its enchanting chorus, where ethereal sounds create a captivating sonic landscape.

This magical element adds an otherworldly quality to the song, elevating its emotional impact and allowing listeners to immerse themselves fully in the artist’s world.

The minimalist arrangement of “Strawberry Jam” is brilliant, with each element carefully chosen and thoughtfully placed.

This intentional approach allows the song’s core emotions and messages to take center stage, demonstrating Blake’s masterful understanding of musical dynamics.

Strawberry Jam is Francis Alban Blake’s Single Out Now!


Strawberry Jam is Francis Alban Blake’s Single Out Now

Francis Alban Blake, the pseudonym of Dutch poet and artist Frans de Blaak (1974-2022) is a strange one for music industry standards or any standard really. First he disappeared in 2018 and after long years of searching he was ultimately found dead in France in 2022.

He never released any of his music, but left a statement in his will that he wanted befriended songwriter and producer Frank Bond to complete his work. His music is characterized by broken sounds, out of tune organs and poetic holograms that resemble his depressed state.

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