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Streetlights is Mercurius’ Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
I was instantly hooked by Mercurius’s “Streetlights” with its unique blend of male and female vocals.

Streetlights is Mercurius’ Single Out Now

Their voices coexist impeccably, creating a melody that’s harmonious and instantly recognizable. 

This isn’t just any pop song. “Streetlights” carries an intense, nostalgic vibe. It evokes the feeling of cruising through city streets at twilight, headlights painting the way, with a bittersweet pang for memories past.

The lyrics delve deep, exploring themes that resonate, while the production perfectly complements the mood, creating a soundscape that’s atmospheric.

Mercurius showcases their musical skills throughout the song. The guitar work is stellar, weaving intricate melodies and powerful chords that perfectly complement the vocals.

The rhythm section is tight and driving, with a drum beat that keeps you engaged from start to finish.

The song truly shines in its later moments, where the band displays their dynamic range. The tempo shifts and harmonic variations unfold of some passages, showcase their versatility and musicianship.

“Streetlights” is a standout single that introduces Mercurius as a band to watch. Take a ride with Mercurius and discover their captivating sound.

Streetlights is Mercurius’ Single Out Now!


Streetlights is Mercurius’ Single Out Now

James Brown on vocals, Paul Brown on guitars, Jasmine Crichton on vocals

Mercurius is a ‘father & son’ band, who’ve been writing songs together for many years. James (son) & Paul (father) tend to share the song writing pretty evenly and attempt to tackle a mix of sounds and vibes, to make each song unique in its own way. James is the vocalist & Paul is the lead guitarist.


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