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Stumble is Scared of Sharks’ Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Scared of Sharks waste no time on pleasantries with “Stumble.” The song opens with a radio snippet, instantly setting an intriguing atmosphere.

Stumble is Scared of Sharks’ Single Out Now

 Then, without warning, distorted guitars unleash a torrent of raw power.

What truly defines Scared of Sharks is their wild rock-inspired pedigree. Their sound is a potent blend of punk aggression, alternative rock experimentation, and a healthy dose of grunge grit.

But there’s more to it than just genre influences. The vocalist’s delivery is key – a perfect balance of sly detachment and simmering frustration. It’s a fantastic performance that elevates the entire song.

This is a band that clearly values the power of raw talent. The instrumental interplay is tight and energetic, showing the countless hours spent honing their craft in the rehearsal room.

There’s a refreshing absence of studio trickery or manufactured beats here. This is pure rock and roll, played by musicians who understand the power of a well-placed power chord.

“Stumble” is a direct, honest, and utterly exhilarating. Scared of Sharks aren’t here to mess around; they’re here to make a statement, and with this song, they’ve done exactly that.

Stumble is Scared of Sharks’ Single Out Now!


Scared of Sharks are a Punk Rock’n’Roll band Originally hailing from Mogareeka. Formed in 2016 to play the Cobargo folk festival by Taylor Shwifty and brother Jack Malolakis.

Moving up to Wollongong in 2017 Scared of Sharks spent the next few years playing the od gig around the Illawarra (including one at the now defunct Rad Bar) and not taking things too seriously, finally releasing their first song in 2021 “Beach Wog”. After Jack left to go traveling in Europe late 2022 Taylor Roped in Tim Jong Un on Drums, Loui Crouton on Bass and began gigging up and down the east coast of Aus. Doing three independently organised tours where they played in all manner places from Port Kembla Festival to Mullumbimby backyard house parties to Melbourne’s famous Cherry bar. Cumulating in the release of their 2nd single Yuppie Land in November. The Band then relesed Ode to Rose St. in January followed by 2nd Jingle Idea in April. With the Band not slowing down, Scared of Sharks are gearing up for more Shows & Releases in 2024.

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