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Stupid Old Git is Ruiz!’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
RUIZ!’s new single “Stupid Old Git” takes us on a captivating journey filled with psychedelic and retro vibes that are undeniably intriguing.

Stupid Old Git is Ruiz!’s Single Out Now

The song seamlessly blends various influences to create a charming and unique musical experience.

One of the standout elements in the song is the use of Arabic melodies, which infuse the track with a distinct Middle Eastern flavor.

These passages add a unique and captivating dimension to the song, creating an intriguing fusion of English and traditional music. This blend brings to mind bands like Kula Shaker, who successfully melded different cultural influences into their music.

RUIZ!’s life experiences are clearly woven into the fabric of his sound. His Catalan origins, life in the UK, and his travels serve as the building blocks for his musical vision.

It’s these diverse influences and experiences that make his music so rich and appealing.

“Stupid Old Git” is a cool vintage rock song that captures the essence of retro vibes, and the connection to vintage clips in the music video perfectly complements the song’s feel.

The visuals mirror the song’s atmosphere, creating a complete and immersive experience for the listener.

This vintage rock transports you to a different era, and the music video enhances the overall experience.

Stupid Old Git is Ruiz!’s Single Out Now!


Stupid Old Git is Ruiz!’s Single Out Now

Ruiz! is the mysteriously evoked moniker from Barcelona born, Sheffield based DIY multi instrumentalist, songwriter, producer
and vocalist Hugh Ruiz Robert. Recorded on his laptop and using extra live instruments, it all started in Lockdown 2020, Ruiz’s collection of songs seamlessly transcends across 60’s rock’n’roll, electronica, punk, pop, psychedelia and dark rock, with each genre being effortlessly fused with Ruiz!’s take on life in modern times. Songs about life, love and the modern maladies between men, women and life in this strange new post-Covid world.


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