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Sunchild is Jakob The Liar’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Jakob The Liar’s “Sunchild” is an emotionally resonant ballad that showcases the artist’s refined musical taste and attention to detail.

Sunchild is Jakob The Liar s’ Single Out Now

The song opens with a delicate and ethereal arpeggio that sets the stage for a slow and graceful crescendo of emotions.

The dynamic shifts throughout the song are perfectly placed, creating a sense of anticipation and release that keeps the listener engaged.

I particularly enjoy the vocal interpretation of Jakob The Liar, adding a touch of passion and excitement to support the song’s overall mood.

The female choir vocals soar to heavenly heights in the latter part of the song, adding a layer of emotional intensity and perfectly emphasizing the song’s message of hope and resilience.

In general all the artistic choices are magistral. The harmonies, arrangements, and chord progression show another time the compositional experience of this talented artist.

The soft and understated outro provides a sense of closure and allows the listener to fully absorb the song’s beauty.

“Sunchild” is a must-listen for fans of heartfelt and meaningful music. Jakob The Liar’s ability to evoke emotions with such subtlety and nuance is truly remarkable.

Sunchild is Jakob The Liar’s Single Out Now!


Sunchild is Jakob The Liar s’ Single Out Now

Hailing from all across the globe but born in Denmark, culturally enriched Jakob The Liar, aka Jakob Kupferberg, is a multifaceted singer songwriter and musician currently taking the alt pop scene to a whole new level. He embarked on this creative journey at a young age, strumming his dad’s battered guitars as an escape from a turbulent and ever-changing upbringing. His adolescent dreams of becoming a rock star took a profound turn when a medically-induced and paralyzing illness forced him to re-evaluate his life and the music he was destined to create. As he gradually recovered – guided by a voice urging him to tell his story, Jakob’s Jakob Kupferberg music started taking shape.

He released two EPs under his civil name, Jakob Kupferberg, titled ‘Crystallised in Moonshine’ and ‘Sweet Surrender,’ receiving praise in the independent press. As he began to travel the world on a journey to grow his musical identity and sound, he continued to write songs and develop his unpredictable yet strangely therapeutic song-writing. Deriving his stage alter ego from the titular character of Jurek Becker’s book Jacob The Liar—set in a Jewish ghetto during WWII and later made into a film starring Robin Williams—Kupferberg’s distinct blend of folk, pop and rock encompasses the extremes of the human experience. Infusing his music with influences ranging from the melody-driven vulnerability of Jeff Buckley to the boundless artistic pursuits of Thom Yorke, his music documents a life that has been both unpredictable and uncompromising. With Sunchild marking the third single from his upcoming EP ‘Wake Up Mr. Kupferberg’, this emerging songster is determined to make 2024 a musically exciting and memorable one.

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