Edgar Allan Poets – Noir Rock Band | SUPERNATURAL is Gianfranco GFN's Single Out Now
SUPERNATURAL is Gianfranco GFN’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Hold onto your bell-bottoms, music fans, because Gianfranco GFN’s latest single, “SUPERNATURAL is a groove odyssey ready to catapult you back to the golden age of sonic exploration.

SUPERNATURAL is Gianfranco GFN’s Single Out Now

With a title like that, you might expect a dystopian dirge, but GFN instead crafts a masterclass in genre-bending funk-rock-jazz fusion that’s more a “celebration of the journey” than an apocalyptic dirge.

The first thing that grabs you is the sheer compositional experience at play. The arrangements are intricate and layered, yet never lose their sense of organic flow.

The chord progressions twist and turn, keeping you guessing while satisfyingly grounding the melody. It’s clear Gianfranco GFN has a deep well of musical knowledge to draw from, and he isn’t afraid to throw it all into the blender.

The performance is equally masterful. The instrumentalists deserve their own spotlights, weaving tight lines and dynamic fills that add fire and texture to the sonic tapestry.

The production is crisp, polished, and punchy. It gives every element its due while staying out of the way of the music’s raw energy.

That funky bridge, drenched in swirling keys and reminiscent of classic 70s TV themes like “CHiPs,” is a prime example of how this artist seamlessly blends vintage vibes with modern production muscle.

Gianfranco GFN isn’t here to follow trends; he’s here to forge his own path, one riff-infused, genre-defying banger at a time.

Keep an eye on this name; Gianfranco GFN is a force to be reckoned with.

SUPERNATURAL. “It’s The End” is Gianfranco GFN’s Single Out Now!


Gianfranco GFN is a guitarist and composer whose influences are jazz, blues, bossa, funk, and rock. His first solo album «LINEA» released in 2011. His compositions have a rhythm section bathed in groove, a brass section brimming with energy, and good ” Giazz ” melodies, full of musical colors, his Acid-Jazz style will transport you into a trendy ” Giazz ” musical world … a little bit 70’S, original compositions … good groove … ” Good Vibes ” … to listen to relentlessly. Some of the tracks are being played on Swiss radio stations and in various countries such as France, Germany, Ireland, and Russia.

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