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Survival is Simon Taylor’s Ep Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
I already reviewed Simon Taylor in the past but he is out now with his new Ep ‘Survival’ and I want to share my opinion about it.

This new EP from this talented artist moved me a lot.

An intimate and personal work that manages to speak to the listener’s subconscious with nostalgic and profound melodies.

Perhaps the song that I liked the most is Survival, the repetitive melody in the verse made me feel how difficult it is sometimes to continue living … but a little spark of sun and hope is always there on the horizon waiting for us.

In reality, all the pieces of this Ep are very well composed and the overall work is very coherent. We are faced with a great singer-songwriter who has a lot to give on an artistic level.

I’m curious to see how Simon Taylor is going to amaze us in the future because he always manages to raise the bar.

Absolutely confirmed.

Survival is Simon Taylor’s Ep Out Now!



In the face of a challenging mental health diagnosis at the age of 23 following an ill-fated period living on a kibbutz in Israel, Simon Taylor began writing songs prolifically the following year as a form of therapy. By 2011 Simon was beginning to record these songs, which mixed elements of Latin, funk, rock and jazz with his band Simon Taylor & The Sundowners in Newcastle upon Tyne. They released an album, “Continental Girl” in 2013, a single, “Hot Love” in 2014 which was described as the “pick of that month’s releases” in NARC Magazine and also an e.p, “New York City Girl” in 2015, which received widespread American radio airplay and also record company support.

By 2016 Simon was performing under his own name with his band, and headlined with them at the O2 Academy in Newcastle in 2018. Performing and recording music solo since that time Simon subsequently released the double e.p “Under The Volcano” in early 2021. His new e.p “Survival” explores the theme of mental health and Simon’s own experiences of this subject. The unreleased e.p track “Bad Times Are Through” is currently in the Semi-Finals of the UK Songwriting Competition and Simon will be performing a live session on BBC Radio Newcastle to promote this new e.p.

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