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Sweetest Summer is Marc Burford’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Marc Burford’s single, “Sweetest Summer,” is a musical gem that immediately captivates with the enchanting strumming of the acoustic guitar.

Sweetest Summer is Marc Burford’s Single Out Now

The opening chords create a magical and nostalgic landscape, setting the stage for an intense and immersive musical experience.

The ethereal voice of Marc adds another layer to the song, creating a unique atmosphere that draws listeners into the depth of the music.

It becomes evident that Marc Burford is not just a performer but a talented songwriter, crafting a narrative that resonates with emotions.

The dynamics of “Sweetest Summer” are perfectly orchestrated, guiding the listener through a slow crescendo of emotions.

The well-thought-out chord progression enhances the overall depth of the song, creating a sonic journey that leaves a lasting impact.

The song’s professional video clip complements the vibes, offering a visual representation that aligns seamlessly with the musical narrative.

The arrangements of the song are top-notch, showcasing a high level of craftsmanship. The professional production elevates the overall quality, allowing every element of the composition to shine.

Marc Burford’s attention to detail is evident throughout, creating a polished and refined musical piece.

Sweetest Summer is Marc Burford’s Single Out Now!


Sweetest Summer is Marc Burford’s Single Out Now

Passionate songwriter and producer Marc Burford’s music blends Folk and Indie Rock. He’s collaborated with stars like The Knocks and Parson James, and his tracks have graced TV shows like “Brooklyn 99.” His work’s even found a home in top fashion stores and renowned art galleries.

The Libertines’ Pete Doherty and Carl Barat offered him the main support slot on their 20th Anniversary tour in Europe. His music has amassed 10 million streams and won praise from BBC Radio hosts. Producers like Youth and James K Lewis have joined him on projects, including a Dutch iTunes chart-topper.

Marc’s live experience includes touring with Echotape, performing worldwide, and even headlining the V-ROX festival in Russia. He’s ventured into audiobooks with “The House of Slamming Doors,” earning praise from Stephen Fry.

From his Hampshire-based studio, Sunrise Sound, Marc’s talent shines. Composing for the upcoming film “Blackmask,” and his solo album “Hope and Heart” is highly anticipated for 2024.

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