Edgar Allan Poets – Noir Rock Band | Take me as I am is I am the Unicorn Head's Single Out Now
Take me as I am is I am the Unicorn Head’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
In a world increasingly marked by division and discord, it’s a rare and precious thing to stumble upon a piece of music that serves as a beacon of unity and hope.

Take me as I am is I am the Unicorn Head’s Single Out Now

“Take Me as I Am,” the latest single from I Am the Unicorn Head, is precisely that – a profound and inspiring Outsider Anthem that transcends boundaries and sends a powerful message of togetherness.

Amidst a global backdrop where powerful forces often seek to draw lines between us, I Am the Unicorn Head emerges as a passionate advocate for unity.

In a society where individuals are subjected to discrimination every day, be it due to issues of mental health, sexual orientation, religion, or race, “Take Me as I Am” is a clear and resounding call for acceptance.

The very title itself echoes this plea, capturing the essence of its message – an invitation to embrace one another without judgment or bias.

From the first notes of the song, a sense of warmth and inclusion envelopes the listener. It’s as if the music reaches out and wraps you in a comforting embrace, offering solace to those who have endured the pain of discrimination.

What truly elevates “Take Me as I Am” to greatness is the remarkable collaboration with Meg Cratty, of ‘The Margaret Hooligans’.

Meg’s voice infuses the song with an extra layer of sweetness and depth. Her harmonious blending with the male vocals creates a soundscape that is emotionally resonant.

“Take Me as I Am” is a gentle reminder that unity and empathy are the harmonious chords that can mend our fractured world.

Take me as I am is I am the Unicorn Head’s Single Out Now!


Take me as I am is I am the Unicorn Head’s Single Out Now

“Take Me As I Am,” a heartfelt acoustic-styled inclusivity anthem that sends a profound message about treating everyone equally and eliminating discrimination based on mental health, disability, race, sexual orientation, and more. With a unique twist, this release features a captivating collaboration with the exceptional vocalist, Meg Cratty, from highly rated band ‘The Margaret Hooligans.’

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