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Take Me Home is Mara Sol’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Mara Sol’s single, “Take Me Home,” delivers a captivating musical experience, with the artist’s standout voice immediately grabbing attention.

Take Me Home is Mara Sol’s Single Out Now

The intensity of Mara Sol’s interpretation resonates deeply, reaching the very souls of the listeners.

“Take Me Home” unfolds as an intense country ballad, characterized by sincerity and directness.

One of the notable features is the seamless blending of Mara Sol’s female voice with the accompanying male voice, adding a layer of complexity and emotional depth to the song.

The harmonious collaboration between Mara and Tom enhances the authenticity of the narrative.

The artistic vision of Mara Sol shines through in this single, showcasing her talent.

The production of the song is executed with excellence, creating a backdrop that complements and elevates the emotional impact of the lyrics. The masterful performance by Mara and Tom further reinforces the believability of the song’s heartfelt words.

Mara Sol’s ability to convey genuine emotions through her music makes this single a recommendation for anyone seeking a heartfelt and authentic musical experience.

Take Me Home is Mara Sol’s Single Out Now!


Take Me Home is Mara Sol’s Single Out Now

Mara Sol is a singer/songwriter/producer based in Coachella Valley, California. Coming from a musical family, she started singing in musical theater from the age of 7 and trained in classical voice at Cornish College in Seattle, Washington. After a break from her early years performing, the artist has found her way into songwriting spurred by a COVID project to learn guitar and how to produce music herself.

Drawing influences from artists like James Taylor, Fleetwood Mac, Sarah McLachlan and Imogen Heap, her songwriting comes from her past experiences and the lessons learned along the way. Her sound reflects her eclectic life experiences as well – a nostalgic blend of pop, folk, and rock. Her vocals are compared to folk/rock classics like Joan Baez and Linda Ronstadt.

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