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Talk My Ear Off is Dylan Bressler’s Album Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Dylan Bressler’s album “Talk My Ear Off” takes listeners on a nostalgic journey back to the legendary sounds of the 70s while maintaining a fresh, modern approach.

Talk My Ear Off is Dylan Bressler’s Album Out Now

The vintage energy infused throughout the album catapults listeners into a musical limbo, bridging the gap between the past and present.

Bressler’s talent as a musician shines brightly as he skillfully handles all the instruments on the album. Despite recording alone, the band’s vibes are palpable, showcasing Bressler’s ability to infuse emotion and storytelling into his music.

The album is a roller coaster of emotions, with Bressler masterfully translating his thoughts and feelings into musical narratives.

The intricate chord progressions and meticulous attention to detail further elevate the listening experience, drawing parallels to iconic bands like Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd.

The vocal timbre perfectly complements the genre, adding depth and authenticity to each track. Additionally, the artistic vision behind songs like “DEAD,” with its clever composition based on the chords D.E.A.D., demonstrates Bressler’s creativity and innovation.

Among the tracks, “Murder Hornets” emerges as a favorite, offering a wild ride fueled by fantastic guitar riffs and infectious energy. However, every song on the album stands solid on its own.

Dylan Bressler’s “Talk My Ear Off” is a gem of an album. Fans of classic rock and contemporary music alike will find much to love in this musical offering.

Talk My Ear Off is Dylan Bressler’s Album Out Now!


“I recorded all of these instruments myself, and still gave it a full band sound.
For the cover, I used a photograph that I found of my father and grandfather from the 70’s. It seemed perfect for the album. It reminded me of ‘Freaky Friday’ and helps set the tone for a lot of 70s style rock sounds, as well as 90s rock.” – Dylan Bressler

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