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Talkin’ to You is Carson Ferris’ Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Carson Ferris and his single “Talkin’ to You” stand as a testament to an artist on a mission, and his level of professionalism is truly inspiring, even for artists older than him.

Talkin’ to You is Carson Ferris’ Single Out Now

At a young age, Carson Ferris has already achieved remarkable success, with a substantial number of streams on platforms like Spotify, and his musical skills continue to evolve and improve.

One of the most appealing aspects of Carson Ferris’ work is the modernity and freshness of his musical style.

His approach to music is contemporary and vibrant, offering a sound that resonates with today’s music landscape. The production quality of “Talkin’ to You” is top-notch, demonstrating his commitment to delivering a polished and well-crafted sound.

“Talkin’ to You” is a perfect mainstream song, characterized by its catchy chorus progression and dynamic arrangements. The song keeps the listener engaged from start to finish, making it a compelling addition to any modern music playlist.

“Talkin’ to You” showcases an artist with impressive professionalism that is on his way to do great things in the world of music.

Talkin’ to You is Carson Ferris’ Single Out Now!


Talkin’ to You is a hard hitting pop/rock gem that is a spooky Halloween song, with a twist. It’s about the scariest thing imaginable: no, not monsters or ghosts, telling someone you like them, and then worrying about the rejection that may follow.

Carson Ferris is a pop artist and songwriter from Provo Utah. His music can be described as a cross between a young Michael Jackson and OneRepublic. Carson released a collaboration with Trinidad Cardona in 2021 entitled Can’t Be Without You. Also in 2021 Carson won a social media contest to be featured in Donny Osmond’s Las Vegas show at Harrah’s in the song One Bad Apple. In 2022 Carson has been busy writing and recording new music and performing around Provo, being featured in music festivals like Fork Fest and Buzzards and Bees. 

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