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Tell Me is Michele Stodart’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Michele Stodart’s solo project has allowed her to showcase her immense talent as a songwriter and artist, and her latest single, “Tell Me,” serves as a testament to her compositional experience and captivating artistry.

Tell Me is Michele Stodart’s Single Out Now

As the bassist, vocalist, and co-songwriter of the renowned band The Magic Numbers, it is evident that Michele’s solo work is a platform for her unique artistic vision to shine through.

At the heart of Michele Stodart’s allure lies her captivating voice, which speaks directly to the depths of the listener’s heart and soul.

There’s a sense of intrigue, almost as if her voice holds a well-kept secret, drawing the audience in with each note she delicately weaves.

With “Tell Me,” Michele takes her listeners on an emotional journey, immersing them in the heat of a moment in a love affair riddled with denial and a concealed sense of control and composure.

The song acts as a brave one-sided conversation between truth and lies, serving as a powerful reflection on the fragile nature of love, trust, and vulnerability.

The instrumentation complements Michele’s voice perfectly, with a gentle yet evocative musical arrangement that enhances the emotional weight of the song.

The combination of piano and keys and warm harmonies adds a layer of richness to the composition, elevating the overall listening experience.

The bridge, adorned with captivating futuristic effects, takes the listener by complete surprise, serving as a perfect departure point to launch into the touching and intense finale.

Tell Me is Michele Stodart’s Single Out Now!


Tell Me is Michele Stodart’s Single Out Now

Caribbean-born Michele Stodart is an award-winning solo artist, singer-songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist now based in London, UK. Best renowned as bassist, vocalist and co-songwriter of Mercury-nominated, double-platinum selling band, The Magic Numbers, with whom she continues to play and tour world-wide.

Since her childhood days growing up in Queens, New York, Michele has always pursued her own writing alongside her band, and nurtured a love of folk, Americana and country music. After almost a decade of touring, she took some time out to become a mum and recorded an album of her own songs: Wide-Eyed Crossing (2012)- a southern-drenched journey into Americana country blues. She became known for her intimate, heart-wrenching live performances, gaining her recognition for her solo material and helping establish her as a singer-songwriter in her own right. A second solo album – Pieces (2016)- followed shortly after, receiving great critical acclaim for its melodic, cinematic country/roots-influenced songs.

Michele’s diverse skills as a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer and musical director have led to many collaborative projects in the studio or on stage with artists such as Kathryn Williams, Billy Bragg, Judy Collins, Allison Russell, Bernard Butler, David Ford, Natalie Imbruglia, Rachel Sermanni, David Kitt, Hannah White, O’Hooley & Tidow amongst many others.


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