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Tell Them I’m Insane is Gentry Blue’s New Single | Edgar Allan Poets

Good Day Noir Family,
our “Edgar Allan Poets’ Artists/Bands We Like” section is dedicated to Gentry Blue and their new single Tell Them I’m Insane. I found this Band on Spotify and I liked their energetic sound.

Tell Them I’m Insane is Gentry Blue’s New Single | Edgar Allan Poets

The “vintage” and psychedelic sound proposed by this band is truly intriguing.

The thing that struck me immediately was the singer’s voice. An intense and sincere vocal tone that makes you believe the words of the lyrics.

It feels like these guys have spent a lot of time in the rehearsal room to achieve such enviable musical chemistry.

A rock that has 70s vibes but manages to be modern at the same. Gentry Blue have a nice compositional style and their songs keep you glued to the speakers from the first to the last second.

The sound is a bit raw but in my opinion, it makes their music even more direct and sincere.

The new single Tell Them I’m Insane is a great rock song. The chord progression is well thought out and the execution and interpretation are excellent.

A band to keep under the radar as they offer instinctive and energetic music.

Absolutely recommended.

Tell Them I’m Insane is Gentry Blue’s Single Out Now!

Pure Rock!

Tell Them I’m Insane is Gentry Blue’s New Single | Edgar Allan Poets

Few bands advertise themselves as a group which takes no prisoners, but that’s exactly what Gentry Blue does– creating a passionate, raw sound involving hard rock meeting pure classic inspired psychedelic rock. Comprised of four misfits from all over the country who met in Nashville, Tennessee, Gentry Blue stays true to their roots as they seek to reflect the rock and roll aesthetics of this constantly changing world.

Formed in late 2018, the band’s mission is to write songs ranging from different relationships, the depths of space, and beyond using different tools at their disposal; powerhouse female vocals, electric violin, fuzzy guitar riffs reminiscent of the 1960s and 1970s, and thoughtful lyrics. Gentry Blue is best described as a hybrid between Rush, Jefferson Airplane, and Lindsey Stirling.

Find Gentry Blue Here:


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