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Tell Us / Dark Red Dice is Johnny & The Brewsers’ Single

Good Day Noir Family,
Johnny & The Brewsers is back with new cool tunes and I want to share my opinion about it.

The rough sound of this artist passes on my skin like sandpaper and manages to free my most rock and wild spirit.

Johnny & The Brewsers’ music contains something ancestral and I like it because it does not follow plasticized commercial rules.

These songs are the fruit of his pure passion for music.

The two tunes included in this maxi-single are both solid and direct. I liked ‘Tell Us’ a little more, I felt it was more original while ‘Dark Red Dice’ is a perfect blues for drinking whisky in a renegade bar in the outskirts of Dublin.

Johnny & The Brewsers produces heartfelt music that exudes the legendary rock of the past.

A free and irreverent compositional style that literally makes you raise your horns to the sky and makes you howl …Rock is Still Alive.

Absolutely reconfirmed!

Tell Us / Dark Red Dice is Johnny & The Brewsers’ Single Out Now!

Pure Passion!


This is the third solo release from Johnny Brewer, AKA, Johnny & The Brewsers.

Quote: “This follow up release has been an extremely enjoyable recording to work on. After everything that I learned writing and recording the debut Single/EP release, I was a lot more confident going into this project. I felt that, across the board, I had improved as a musician”.

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