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The Almas II is The Almas’ Ep Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Wisconsin rockers The Almas are back with a bang on their new single “Crowns,” the centrepiece of their EP, “The Almas II.”

The Almas II is The Almas’ Ep Out Now

This track is a masterclass in modern hard rock, with a sound that’s polished and powerful.

The first thing that hits you is the sheer professionalism of the production. Every instrument is crisp and clear, but it’s Crystal Teigland’s vocals that truly steal the show. Her voice is a force of nature, perfectly suited to the song’s driving energy.

Teigland doesn’t just deliver a strong vocal performance, she injects the song with real personality. There’s a fire in her voice that matches the intensity of the music.

The band itself is tight as a drum – literally. The rhythm section is a powerhouse, with the bass and drums locking in perfectly to create a foundation that allows the guitars to unleash some seriously cool riffs.

“Crowns” is a song that keeps you glued to your speakers from start to finish. The chord progressions are well-crafted, constantly pushing the song forward without ever losing its focus.

It’s clear these are seasoned musicians who know how to write a killer rock song.

The Almas II is The Almas’ Ep Out Now!


The Almas are a hard rock, national recording artist hailing from New Munster, Wisconsin. The band is composed of Crystal Teigland [lead vocalist], Frank Slifka [founding member/lead guitarist], Josh Sukowski [guitarist], and Andrew Ehredt [drums].

Through guitar driven licks, road dog attitudes, and a high energy, professional live performance, The Almas showcase the truest essence of Rock n’ Roll with a modern twist! After working with Kile Odell [#1 Active Rock charting producer], The Almas are able to bring their vision to life on their newest EP ‘The Almas II’.

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