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The Border and the Mistress is Orwells ’84’s Single & Video Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Orwells ’84’s latest single and accompanying music video, “Border and the Mistress,” from their album ‘The Crucible,’ presents a captivating and heartfelt exploration of love and nostalgia.

The Border and the Mistress is Orwells ’84’s Single & Video Out Now

 The song pays homage to a special town cherished by the songwriter, Mc Kenna. Coupled with the artistic vision of director Tim Sherwood, the video enhances the emotive and suggestive essence of the single, creating an immersive and visually striking experience.

The song itself is a true love letter to a beloved town, drawing from the influences of traditional folk music to create a touching and evocative piece.

Orwells ’84’s ability to weave emotion into their music is commendable, and “Border and the Mistress” captures a sense of wistfulness and affection for the place close to their hearts. The melody’s simplicity adds to its charm, evoking a sense of nostalgia and familiarity that resonates with the listener.

The video, skillfully shot entirely in black and white, is a work of art in itself. Tim Sherwood’s talent shines through as he crafts a delicate, visually mesmerizing portrayal of the song’s sentiments.

The black and white imagery enhances the nostalgic and dream-like ambiance of the video, further reinforcing the connection to the past and memories being explored.

Throughout the video, the actors Seán Óg Cairns and Kerri Watt deliver remarkable performances, injecting life into the story that unfolds onscreen. Their chemistry adds a sense of authenticity to the portrayal of love and fondness, enriching the viewer’s emotional engagement.

Notably, there are moments in the video that hark back to the iconic “Wicked Game” by Chris Isaak, a song famous for its hauntingly beautiful music video. This parallel only serves to elevate the artistic value of “Border and the Mistress,” showcasing the band’s creativity and keen eye for the visual.

The Border and the Mistress is Orwells ’84’s Single & Video Out Now!


The Border and the Mistress is Orwells ’84’s Single & Video Out Now

Born and raised in the border region, McKenna deftly describes his love for the places, people and imagery of his hometown of Dundalk. Pointing to the conversations and stories, McKenna has shown his love for the history and the people of the town.

The band have created an amazing trad infused soundscape with an almighty uplifting end. All of which sets the scene for the story that is to come. The band believes that this song is true love.

Love for their town, their love for the song and the love the songwriter has for the heroine of the piece. Border and the Mistress is, the band believe, their seminal work to date. It is a piece of work they are very proud of.

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