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The Boy Is Gone is Angie McLaughlin’s Album Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Angie McLaughlin gives us a moment of great music with her new album The Boy Is Gone.

The Boy Is Gone is Angie McLaughlin’s Album Out Now

This album is touching and sincere. Angie McLaughlin puts her soul into it and shows her insecurities, fears but also her strength.

When death passes by us taking away an important person, it is as if a crow lands on our shoulders and watches us. It is always there to remind us that this dream called life will end one day.

It is impossible to look at things as before. However, we must go on even if at times this life is cruel.

The Boy Is Gone is a sweet, intense album with a meaning that transcends music. In these songs, there is Angie McLaughlin’s life, those eternal memories, and emotions that keep her united forever with her great love.

Light the fireplace and pour yourself a glass of good red wine and take the time to listen to these beautiful tracks.

In a world that always runs, enter Angie McLaughlin’s world for a moment and let yourself be inspired by this music.

The production is fantastic and Angie McLaughlin’s talent is majestic.

10 out of 10!

The Boy Is Gone is Angie McLaughlin’s Album Out Now!


The Boy Is Gone is Angie McLaughlin’s Album Out Now

Named after a poem by McLaughlin’s husband, it explores the painful interplay between grief and hope. What began as a cathartic expression and a means of healing following the sudden loss of her husband, evolved into an album of rich and authentically raw songs.

Martin Stephenson’s production style is demonstrative of his ability to intuit McLaughlin’s experience and unconscious intent supporting her to create a multi-genre album that is unashamed in its honesty.

The interaction of loss and light is immediately apparent when the opening song, Every Day, a rousing, northern soul anthem encouraging the seeking hope is immediately followed by the somber and atmospheric Joy.

My Broken Heart is in many ways a classic country tune about loving someone who is no good for you. Speak Easy introduces lightness with the ukulele and the value of friendship while Betty’s Song is a nostalgic reminiscence of McLaughlin’s mother.

No Body’s Baby evokes a New Orleans funeral parade and its promise of eternal love leads nicely into folk love song Still Love You.

The theme of grief continues with the Carter Family styled Called To Your Home, to In Between Times where McLaughlin’s vocal is reminiscent of Patsy Cline. While the album ends with the solemn stillness of folk tune Two Ravens the final say goes to hope in the last line ‘seek joy in everything’ which sums up the synergy of devastation and survival.

The Boy Is Gone benefits not just from Stephenson’s production but his musical input (and his musician friends) in many of the songs. Lisa O’Neill adds ghostly atmospheric vocals and harmonium on Two Ravens.

Produced by Martin Stephenson (The Daintees) who easily intuited McLaughlin’s process, they worked together virtually, passing songs and ideas back and forth by satellite creating a multi-genre album that is unashamed in its honesty. The Boy Is Gone is not only courageous, but melodic and beautiful.

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