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The Catacombs is Ludlow Creek’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Ludlow Creek’s single “The Catacombs” is a breath of fresh air in the world of rock music.

The Catacombs is Ludlow Creek’s Single Out Now

The band’s direct and no-nonsense approach to their sound harks back to the classic retro bands while infusing their own unique energy.

This rock track is a delightful blend of various influences, including blues and alternative, which gives it a dynamic and engaging quality.

The guitar riff in “The Catacombs” is undeniably contagious, and it sets the tone for a song that’s all about groove and rhythm.

One of the standout features of this single is the refined chorus, complemented by stunning choir vocals and a superb melodic line.

The combination of these elements elevates the song to a whole new level, making it both catchy and memorable.

The bridge of the song hints at the influence of a legendary artist like David Bowie, which adds a layer of depth and intrigue to the track. And, of course, the solo is truly captivating, showcasing the band’s instrumental prowess.

The band’s ability to seamlessly blend various influences and deliver a song that’s both infectious and refined shows their talent.

Ludlow Creek is a band worth following, and “The Catacombs” is just a taste of the great music they have to offer.

The Catacombs is Ludlow Creek’s Single Out Now!


Ludlow Creek, the award-winning roots rock band from Dayton, is back with a haunting new single that will send shivers down your spine. “The Catacombs”.

This new single is a collaboration with award-winning lyricist Ray Monell, known for his work on the band’s previous hits “Stoney Lonesome Road” and “Last Call”. The inspiration for “The Catacombs” came from a visit to The Catacombs of Paris, an underground cemetery holding the remains of over six million people.

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