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The Chaos of Silence is Dying Habit’s Album Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Dying Habit isn’t messing around on their album, “The Chaos of Silence.”

The Chaos of Silence is Dying Habit’s Album Out Now

This is a record that hits you like a sonic uppercut, a potent blend of alternative rock, hard rock, and even hints of grunge thrown in for good measure.

The sound is intense and undeniably solid. Distorted guitars snarl throughout the album, backed by a rhythm section that locks in tight like a pair of shadows and a solid vocal performance.

The bass and drums drive the music forward with relentless energy, creating a full-throttle experience.

Individual tracks showcase Dying Habit’s genre-bending ability. “24 Eyes” explodes with intricate chord progressions and a rhythmic design that keeps you guessing.

“Vibrator” injects a welcome dose of grunge into the mix, adding a nostalgic and slightly dystopian vibe.

But Dying Habit isn’t a one-trick pony. “Of A Forest of Floods” throws a curveball with its unique rhythmic cadence in the verses. The song starts heavy, almost metal-tinged, before giving way to a more ethereal section.

This ability to blend genres is the band’s secret weapon, allowing them to create a sound that’s innovative and instantly recognizable.

The album isn’t all fury and chaos. Tracks like “Celestial” and “Echoes” showcase a different side of Dying Habit. These songs are introspective and ballad-like, revealing a surprising depth to the band’s musical palette.

“The Chaos of Silence” is a powerful and exhilarating listen. Dying Habit carves their own path, refusing to be confined by genre limitations.

This is a band that deserves to be heard, a breath of fresh air in a crowded musical landscape.

The Chaos of Silence is Dying Habit’s Album Out Now!


The Chaos of Silence is Dying Habit’s Album Out Now

Based on the rugged island of Anglesey, Wales and fronted by brooding and emotive vocalist Nathan Jones, DYING HABIT hurl out potent alt-rock framed by hooky refrains and backed by the pulsating rhythm section of Mark Jones (drums) and Daniel Garner (bass); the quartet are completed by the cultured riffery of guitarist Alan Hart.

Shortly after formation, DYING HABIT set loose their debut single ‘Unrealities’ in 2018. The band followed this up with the release of their debut album, ‘Until the Air Runs Out,’ which arrived in 2020. This record showcased an encyclopaedia of influences, strong variation, and imagination, all inspired by the pandemic.


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