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The Crazies is SIR-VERE’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
SIR-VERE’s single “The Crazies,” which is a new version of a track originally included in their album “Lovescope,” stands out as a unique and thought-provoking musical offering.

The Crazies is SIR-VERE’s Single Out Now

 The band’s approach to music is truly distinct, characterized by the predominance of high frequencies and a fusion of futuristic punk, alternative rock, and funk influences.

One of the defining features of “The Crazies” is its compelling and relevant lyrics. The song encourages critical thinking and addresses the complex issues of our contemporary society.

In an era marked by the prevalence of fake news and the divisive strategies employed by powerful entities to maintain control, SIR-VERE’s lyrics offer a thought-provoking perspective.

The band’s irreverent and direct approach shines a spotlight on the disturbing aspects of our world, encouraging listeners to reflect on the challenges we face.

SIR-VERE’s music is innovative, setting them apart in their own musical realm. Their willingness to experiment with high frequencies and blend various genres demonstrates a bold and creative spirit.

“The Crazies” offers a captivating sonic journey that challenges traditional musical boundaries and provides a fresh and distinct sound.

SIR-VERE’s refusal to conform to musical norms ensures that they will continue to occupy their own musical limbo, and that’s exactly where their brilliance shines.

The Crazies is SIR-VERE’s Single Out Now!


The Crazies is SIR-VERE’s Single Out Now

Sir-Vere return with a new version of ‘Lovescope’ album favourite ‘The Crazies’, an impassioned cry for a bit of sanity in a modern day whirlwind of misinformation, culture wars, conspiracy theories and mass self-medication bordering on self-destruction. 

SIR-VERE is a UK based 4 piece Rock band from MK which fuses Post Punk ethics with Electronic Dance energies. Forged from Drum & Bass // Big Beat Scene they quickly became darlings of the breakbeat & twisted house scene. The band performs live across the country and worldwide from Manumission to Glastonbury to Kings Cross’ infamous Scala and everywhere in-between.

Craig Hammond / Vocals & Noise
Gary Morland / Guitars & Bass & Keyboards
Stevie Vega / Keyboards & Dj
Ian McEwan / Vocals

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