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The Fall Teaser #2 is Trapt’s Ep Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Veteran rockers Trapt are back with a vengeance on their latest EP, “The Fall (Teaser #2).”

The Fall Teaser #2 is Trapt’s Ep Out Now

This five-track offering is a potent appetizer for their upcoming full-length album, “The Fall,” due out on May 31st.

The EP is a masterclass in professional songwriting and production. Each track is meticulously crafted, showcasing the band’s wealth of experience. There’s a clear sense of intent here, and the result is a cohesive and intense listening experience.

“Halo” instantly grabs hold with its nostalgic 90s ballad vibe. The track oozes intrigue, with a intriguing melody that lingers long after the final note fades.

The second track, “Think of You,” carries on that torch, offering another dose of well-crafted nostalgia with a driving pace.

But it’s “Meant to Be” that truly steals the show. This track explodes with undeniable Soundgarden vibes – a twilight anthem fueled by fantastically distorted guitars that rip through the chorus.

The intricate chord progressions in “When I Get Better” further highlight Trapt’s impressive songwriting skills. The song itself leans towards a more hopeful outlook, a stark contrast to the darker vibes experienced elsewhere on the EP.

Closing track “Safe Here in the Shades” brings the intensity back in full force. The song pulsates with a dystopian atmosphere, conjuring faded images with its driving rhythm section.

“The Fall (Teaser #2)” is a tightly woven collection of songs that showcases Trapt’s unwavering ability to rock.

The Fall Teaser #2 is Trapt’s Ep Out Now!


Chris Taylor Brown: vocals/guitar Shawn Sonnenschein: guitar Peter Charell: Bass Mitch Moore: Drums

Trapt is currently on the “Parental Advisory Tour” with Josey Scott (original singer for Saliva), Adema and Tantric. The new Trapt album “The Fall” has some of the best songs that Trapt has ever written. The band has been independent for over a decade, but learned from some of the best rock producers in the music industry.

We write and produce all our music and our bass player Peter Charell is a great mixer.

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