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The Great Awakening is Erick Castrillon’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Erick Castrillon’s single “The Great Awakening” feels like a sonic transmission from the future.

The Great Awakening is Erick Castrillon’s Single Out Now

It’s evident that Castrillon is an artist unafraid to venture into uncharted musical territories, experimenting with sounds and paving paths not previously explored.

The music is intriguing, almost as if it holds a secret code that could propel humanity into a quantum leap of understanding.

“The Great Awakening” draws influences from Darkwave, Alternative Rock, and Avant-garde, creating a distinctive fusion that sets Castrillon apart.

The production is intriguing, particularly the effects applied to the vocals, adding an extra layer of mystery. The mix is skillfully crafted, with the vocals taking a preeminent role, drawing the listener into the immersive experience.

The arrangements in the song are meticulously thought out, showcasing a masterful choice of sounds. Each element contributes to the overall charm of the composition, making it a magisterial sonic journey.

Erick Castrillon emerges as an artist to watch, not only for his willingness to experiment but also for his ability to craft quality music.

The Great Awakening is Erick Castrillon’s Single Out Now!


In this series I explore the new era of the machine—how technology is affecting us and changing our lives with the advent of A.I. and endless content. I incorporate an array of world instruments, synthesizers, techno beats, pop melodies, samples, and experimental sounds to arrive at a brand new and highly original sound.

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