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The Main Sequence at Last is Thirst And The Cow (TATC)’s Album Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Embarking on the auditory odyssey of Tim Gardner, aka Thirst And The Cow, and his album “The Main Sequence at Last,” one is immediately confronted by the musical craftsmanship of a true visionary.

The Main Sequence at Last is Thirst And The Cow (TATC)’s Album Out Now

Gardner’s unique perspective, drawing inspiration from both the future and the roots of the past, positions him as an artist with a profound musical vision and a wealth of knowledge.

The album stands out for its meticulous refinement in arrangements, chord progressions, and dynamics, showcasing a level of artistry that is truly top-notch.

A notable feature is the inclusion of ethnic elements and rhythms, that creates a spectrum of sounds that is distinctly his own.

While echoes of 70s prog resound in the music, the infusion of modern sound and conceptualization propels it into a universe entirely its own—a musical limbo where past and future converge.

Every track on the album exudes solidity and shows meticulous production and stellar performance by Thirst And The Cow.

Each song serves as a chapter in this ethereal musical journey, contributing to an overall experience.

The Main Sequence at Last is Thirst And The Cow (TATC)’s Album Out Now!


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Thirst and the Cow (TATC) is an ambient and progressive rock project by Tim Gardner. Tim is a Portland, Maine-based experimental guitarist and Touch Guitar player.

TATC music began as ambient/improvisational instrumental music. TATC has released 4 ambient albums to date (Glacial Pools, Gates, Distances Vol. 1 and Distances Vol. 2).

With the release of Time Gardeners in 2021, the project branches into more traditional instrumental progressive rock territory with layers of touch guitars, polyrhythms and ambient textures. Time Gardeners also features Rob Gardner (Electrostatic) on one track, and Pat Mastelotto (King Crimson, Mr. Mister, Stick Men) and Markus Reuter (Stick Men, Centrozoon, Anchor and Burden) on one track. The follow up to Time Gardeners (“The Main Sequence at Last”) is currently available for pre-order and will be released on December 1st, 2023.

TATC instrumental prog/post-prog music features a layered approach to composition that highlights rhythmic elements and interactions between layers, and draws from a diverse set of influences such as King Crimson, Radiohead, Aphex Twin, Tool, Trey Gunn and many more.

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