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The Miss Mace Mixes (432hz) is Autorub Ep Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Autorub raises eyebrows (and vibrations) with their latest EP, “The Miss Mace Mixes (432hz).”

The Miss Mace Mixes (432hz) is Autorub Ep Out Now

The project is as much a sonic experiment as it is a collection of songs.

Included with the music is a detailed explanation by frontman Michael Corn about the band’s decision to tune their instruments to 432hz, a historical tuning allegedly abandoned in favor of the modern standard of 440hz.

Whether the change in tuning actually affects the listener’s experience is debatable. But one thing’s for sure: Autorub has crafted a unique and undeniably positive sonic experience on “The Miss Mace Mixes.”

The opening track, “Miss Mace,” is a vibrant tune. Beatles-esque melodies intertwine with Queen’s operatic swagger, creating a sophisticated and innovative pop song.

The synth solo that bursts through the middle of the track perfectly exemplifies Autorub’s commitment to sonic exploration.

“Ed Mace” picks up where “Miss Mace” leaves off, carrying over the shimmering synths and layering them with a driving instrumental section.

The unexpected hard rock bridge throws a curveball, adding a dose of thrilling energy to the mix. As the EP washes over you, a strange “different vibration” takes hold.

Whether it’s a placebo effect or the result of the altered tuning, there’s no denying the positive energy Autorub manages to generate through their music.

By openly sharing their exploration of 432hz tuning, Autorub invites listeners to enjoy their music and question their own musical experiences.

The Miss Mace Mixes (432hz) is Autorub Ep Out Now!


The Miss Mace Mixes (432hz) is Autorub Ep Out Now

The note “A” is these days tuned to 440hz (442hz UK sometimes), but all the way up until 1939, there was no standardization. Tunings varied, but one in particular of 432hz was popular even going back to ancient Greece where instruments were found in this tuning. The Great pyramid also measures out to 432cubits – it’s a popular ‘sacred’ number if you will. Point being that this and many other frequencies (not 440hz though!) have shown scientific evidence to exert some healing powers such as lowering blood pressure, reducing anxiety and promoting a state of general well being.

Most music in these tunings is made for this purpose, so it’s long synth notes and chords. Other than some remixes here and there, there isn’t much popular music being made in this and other healing frequencies. It is even theorized by some that the standardization up to 440hz was deliberately done to keep people in a state of fear and anxiety – not allowing the full enjoyment and positive effects of music. Granted we all experience great emotions with music regardless, but the benefits can be even deeper with the right frequencies. So then – Autorub is perhaps leading the charge in releasing a main stream rock and EDM track in 432hz!

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