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The Plan is RedPrint’s Ep Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
RedPrint’s EP, “The Plan,” shows the band’s infusion of classic rock vibes, channeling the sacred fire of rock through an intense and captivating musical vision.

The Plan is RedPrint’s Ep Out Now

The unique vocal tone of Selinde, reminiscent of 70s rock singers, adds a layer of mystery, as if her voice holds a well-guarded secret.

Selinde’s vocal is particularly noteworthy, especially in her adept use of low and bass frequencies. This technique adds depth and richness to the overall sonic experience.

The guitar riffs in “The Plan” are at the core of this guitar-driven rock sound. The solid and unapologetic approach to the instrument creates a raw and authentic energy, reminiscent of classic rock influences.

RedPrint has dedicated significant time to honing their craft in the rehearsal room, resulting in an enviable musical alchemy.

The EP’s tracks are a showcase of the band’s musical talent, with each song demonstrating their dedication and passion for their craft.

What sets RedPrint apart is their willingness to break away from the conventional structures of mainstream music.

They take their time to express themselves musically, incorporating long solos and intricate passages that add complexity and depth to their compositions. This departure from the norm gives their music a refreshing and authentic quality.

The Plan is RedPrint’s Ep Out Now!


The Plan is RedPrint’s Ep Out Now

The Band: Selinde – vocals and violin, Rick – drums, Ronald – guitar, Milan – bass guitar

We used to be a cover band for about 10 years. Some members left and got replaced. All current members have been together since 2019. During covid, we swapped some files, and our first draft of “Stop Running” was formed. Last year our rhythm guitarist and synthesizer player (same guy) left and this the current band was formed. The synthesizer was replaced by the violin.

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