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The Score is V of 40M’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
V of 40M isn’t just a rapper on “The Score,” he’s a revolutionary poet spitting fire.

The Score is V of 40M’s Single Out Now

This track is infused with the message-driven urgency of RAP.

V of 40M

The first thing that hits you is the lyrical depth. V of 40M isn’t afraid to tackle complex themes, and his wordplay is masterful.

The intricate rhyme schemes and his use of syllables and meter showcase his undeniable talent.

While we typically focus on rock here, “The Score” is a perfect example of how music can push boundaries.

The fiery energy of the lyrics feels akin to a rock anthem, even if delivered through hip-hop. It’s a powerful combination that stays with you long after the last beat drops.

Production-wise, “The Score” is flawless. The beats provide the perfect foundation for V of 40M’s message, It’s clear everyone involved brought their A-game to this track.

V of 40M uses his platform to deliver a powerful message, all while showcasing his undeniable lyrical and musical talent. This is a track that will resonate with fans of quality RAP, and hip-hop.

The Score is V of 40M’s Single Out Now!


The Score is V of 40M’s Single Out Now

V of 40M, leading the charge for the Black Independence people’s movement known as Forty Million Strong (40M), has been making waves since his global debut just over two years ago. The movement, aimed at establishing sovereign land and autonomous rule for Blacks, is seamlessly integrated into V’s music, creating a unique and impactful experience for listeners. From his debut release, “No Church on Sunday,” to the recent “Martin Luther,” V remains steadfast in his mission to inspire, inform, motivate, and mobilize the masses.

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