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The Slow Music Movement Compilation Out Now!

Good Day Noir Family,
our “E.A.Poets Approved/Bands We Like” section is dedicated to The Slow Music Movement. The Slow Music Movement radio show is a monthly showcase of their recent musical discoveries and they have now decided to create a compilation of music featuring Various Artists.

I must admit that this selection of songs is very well thought out and interesting.

It is not easy to put together compilations that have a common thread from start to finish but in this case, The Slow Music Movement did it very well.

They have managed to create a unique and coherent sonic journey that manages to transport the listener into a parallel world made of serenity and sweetness.

The selected songs are all very beautiful, never banal and obvious and I find them perfect for moments of study or meditation.

Music that is never intrusive but which sinuously manages to transfer emotions. Songs that speak to the soul and that warm the heart.

Absolutely recommended!

FUTURE FOLK: FRIENDLY FACES; DIFFERENT SPACES is The Slow Music Movement Feat. Various Artists’ Compilation Out Now!

Relaxing and Meditative!


Quote: “This compilation came about with my increasing interest in folk music after years of focusing on the 25 year old golden age of musical fusion that is still playing out. Having ridden the industry waves and ripples since the MP3 & digital stones were rudely thrown into the music pond, I am constantly fascinated by 20th century holdouts looking back wistfully to the good old, bad old days of smoky venues, hounding newsagents for music magazines, easily damaged vinyl, ancient instruments, terrible sounding tapes, label dependency, photocopied fanzines and stamp licking.

So I contacted a few of the artists that had lit my folk flame to see what they had to say? Artists that know their roots, but who are keeping their eyes on the road ahead and the world of possibility they now enjoy. Shortly after; from home studios in spare rooms and internet enabled remote collaborations; wildly processed instruments from hazy late night jam sessions, digitally mutated acapellas and 13th century songs covered in an age that the long dead and sadly forgotten writer could never have imagined, started to drift into my inbox from Brazil, Scotland, Australia, England, Spain, Norway, Ireland and the USA.

Some artists erred on the side of tradition with just minor modern embellishments; some made paper airplanes from the rule book; most had feet firmly planted in old and new worlds. With the exception of Peter Thompson, who I knew from my Barcelona days & whose track is the only tune not recorded especially for this project, all communication was digital and the fact that no natural resources were used to wrap up this wonderful collection of songs into 20th century formats, and which will only ever exist on servers, hard drives of the old school music buyers and live shows of the artists, is a testament to the open minds of all involved“.


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