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The Spitting Dummy Parade is Jem Doulton’s New Single

Good Day Noir Family,
Another great song from Jem Doulton…this man is unstoppable.

The compositional style of this artist is unmistakable.

Jem Doulton was able to invent his own music and his own musical universe. The thing I like most is the mysterious and intriguing atmosphere that he manages to create.

This mix of ethnic and modern elements makes me think of films like Mad Max. A post-apocalyptic music genre that has the ability to mesmerize me.

The creativity of this artist has no limits as he is creatively free and does not follow commercial rules. Only his instinct guides him in his musical path.

Jem Doulton is an innovator who likes to experiment and tries to “provoke” listeners with bold and unique artistic choices. I really like his style and recommend him to everyone.

The Spitting Dummy Parade is Jem Doulton’s Single Out Now!



Quote: “This track is called ‘The Spitting Dummy Parade’. It features My Bloody Valentine’s very own Deb Googe on bass who I play with in the Thurston Moore Group. Also smashing it on guitar is Mad Mad Mad’s Benji Bouton who brings an extra level of psyche in the solo. The lyrics come with a sense of absurdity akin to P-Funk and lay into the non-progressives who see to have decided we should be going backwards to a darker age“.

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