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The StoneHengers is The Margaret Hooligans’ Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
The Margaret Hooligans are back with “The StoneHengers,” and if the opening handclaps don’t get you pumped, the rest of the song definitely will.

The StoneHengers is The Margaret Hooligans’ Single Out Now

This track is pure rock adrenaline, perfect for blasting on your next road trip.

The guitar riff on “The StoneHengers” is fire, and the vocal melody is undeniably catchy.

It’s a clear shift towards a more accessible sound for The Margaret Hooligans, with less of the psychedelic experimentation that marked some of their earlier work.

But fear not, fans of their signature style – their rebellious spirit still shines through, particularly in the sharp, anti-establishment lyrics.

The chorus burrows into your brain with its infectious melody, making you want to sing along at the top of your lungs. “The StoneHengers” is an anthem for anyone tired of following the crowd.

It’s a declaration of intent from The Margaret Hooligans, letting the world know they’re here to take over, not just take part.

The StoneHengers is The Margaret Hooligans’ Single Out Now!


The StoneHengers is the seventh single from The Margaret Hooligans upcoming fourth album, ThunderHole Rock n’ Roll. On the surface. Could it be this is just a positive song? Or is it a call to arms against that which currently divides us? In typical coy TMH fashion, they are definitely not going to give you a straight answer.

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