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The Tuba EP: Herbielife is The Qwarks’ Ep Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
I already know the wonderful world of The Qwarks. Their limitless creativity is unleashed once again in this Ep.

The Tuba EP: Herbielife is The Qwarks’ Ep Out Now

I have to admit the collaboration with Herbie Flowers and his tuba is out of this world. This band managed to make me see this fascinating musical instrument in a different way.

I never thought the tuba could be so avant-garde.

I was mesmerized listening to these tunes trying to open my mind to this psychedelic and futuristic sound.

The Qwarks are here to wake up our sleeping minds to open new creative horizons before our eyes. Their music is an almost mystical experience. It relaxes me like smoking a joint.

Superb, bewitching, and provocative The Tuba EP: Herbielife is a stroke of genius that you have to go and listen to.

The Tuba EP: Herbielife is The Qwarks’ Ep Out Now!

Cathartically Psychedelic!

A collaborative EP between the Qwarks and legendary bassist and tuba player, Herbie Flowers. Herbie has appeared on over 500 hit records and worked with a variety of artists from Elton John, David Bowie, Lou Reed and many more. This was an experimental Avant Garde psychedelic journey involving a tuba as the kernel of wonderments.


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