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The Twang Gang (Live in Berlin) is Mortal Prophets’ Album Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
In the ever-expanding realm of sonic exploration, Mortal Prophets, under the visionary guidance of John Beckmann, continue to astound and bewitch.

The Twang Gang (Live in Berlin) is Mortal Prophets’ Album Out Now

With their latest opus, “The Twang Gang (Live in Berlin),” they prove once again that they are an unstoppable force, pushing the boundaries of musical output and artistic vision.

To say that Mortal Prophets is a prolific project is an understatement.

The sheer volume of music they churn out is staggering, but what truly sets them apart is the unwavering quality of their artistic vision.

Personally, I find myself endlessly inspired by their musical offerings. Within the ethereal soundscapes they craft, one encounters strokes of genius that expand the horizons of sonic possibility.

“The Twang Gang (Live in Berlin)” is a sonic journey like no other.

Its psychedelic/cinematic sounds and hypnotically repetitive melodies draw the listener into a cathartic state that blurs the boundaries of reality, conjuring innovative and enchanting sonic landscapes.

It’s an album that demands to be experienced in its entirety, as immersing oneself in over thirty consecutive minutes of this music completes the transformative journey it offers.

As one surrenders to this sonic tapestry, the world outside fades into obscurity, replaced by a fantastical realm of sound and emotion.

With each note, Mortal Prophets beckon you deeper into their beguiling sonic labyrinth, where the boundaries between artist and listener dissolve into nothingness.

Mortal Prophets’ “The Twang Gang (Live in Berlin)” invites the listener to embark on a profound and fantastical sonic odyssey.

The Twang Gang (Live in Berlin) is Mortal Prophets’ Album Out Now!

Psychotronic Ambient Cowboy!

The Twang Gang (Live in Berlin) is Mortal Prophets’ Album Out Now

As if 2023 wasn’t a prolific enough year for Mortal Prophets, John Beckmann is already back with another branch of his experimental music project. And boy oh boy, is it a curveball.

While Twang Gang [Live in Berlin] was recorded right after his debut EP Stomp the Devil, though its 11 original tunes sound like they were torn from an entirely different script. It’s as cinematic as a Saturday night movie, complete with its name in neon lights and the following disclaimer: “All names, characters, and incidents portrayed in this production are fictitious. No identity with actual persons (living or deceased), places, buildings, or products is intended or should be inferred.”

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