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The United States of Selfishness is Rusty Reid’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Rusty Reid’s single, “The United States of Selfishness,” exemplifies an artist who consistently uses his talent to provoke thought and critique societal norms.

The United States of Selfishness is Rusty Reid’s Single Out Now

The courage to address and criticize one’s own nation, in this case, the USA, adds depth to the song, stimulating critical thinking and encouraging listeners to explore different perspectives.

The thematic universality of the song transcends its specific references to the USA, making it a reflection of the broader global challenges faced by society.

Rusty Reid’s ability to channel these sentiments into his music demonstrates a commitment to using art as a platform for social commentary and awareness.

The arrangements of the song are, as expected from Rusty Reid, top-notch. The musical backdrop complements the weightiness of the lyrics, creating a harmonious balance that enhances the overall impact.

The performance is fantastic, with Reid delivering his message with sincerity and conviction.

By addressing societal issues and challenging listeners to reflect on the world around them, Reid reinforces the idea that art has the power to be a catalyst for change and critical awareness.

The United States of Selfishness is Rusty Reid’s Single Out Now!


The United States of Selfishness is Rusty Reid’s Single Out Now

Rusty – vocals, electric guitar, Steve Beasley – acoustic guitars, electric guitar, accordion, bass, backing vocals
Darin Watkins – drums.

For those who dare: Greetings from America… while we last. Here I am returning to my philosophical-political musical forays with the single, “The United States of Selfishness.” While this song directly references the history and current political upheaval of the United States, it might well apply also to any number of other nations which have experienced their own travails with large portions of the populace drawn to authoritarian, intolerant, belligerent, and often openly racist quasi-fascism.

I point to conservatism as the Ideology of Selfishness, and note that it is certainly nothing new. We are all selfish to a degree, but the mark of the advanced and virtuous individual and society is the concerted effort to identify, curb and control that selfishness for the benefit of the larger collective, which now includes the interconnected family of nations.

It’s not just the United States that has a “rot inside the belly” and may be on its “final stand,” but also the viability of the planet. All around the world we can see the despicable and violent handiwork of the conservative recklessly ruining lives. And all of this at the very worst time, when ecological devastation is ramping up… and more than ever before human cooperation is paramount.

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