Edgar Allan Poets – Noir Rock Band | The Waking Giant is Winchester 7 & the Runners' Ep Out Now
The Waking Giant is Winchester 7 & the Runners’ Ep Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Winchester 7 & the Runners return with another potent blend of classic rock and psychedelic exploration on their new EP, “The Waking Giant.”

The Waking Giant is Winchester 7 & the Runners’ Ep Out Now

 This collection of songs is a sonic road trip, urging listeners to fire up their wanderlust and hit the open road.

The band’s songwriting alchemy is on full display. Each track blends classic rock influences with swirling psychedelic flourishes, creating an ethereal atmosphere that evokes wide-open spaces and endless possibilities.

Forget sterile, computer-generated soundscapes. “The Waking Giant” pulsates with the raw energy of live instruments and genuine passion.

You can practically feel the musicians feeding off each other’s energy, creating an infectious sense of joy that permeates every song.

The driving rhythms throughout the EP propel the listener forward. Tracks like “Selling the Apocalypse” are instant favorites, with their contagious melodies and pulsating energy.

Every song on “The Waking Giant” feels well thought out, showcasing the band’s ability to maintain a consistent intensity without sacrificing variety.

“The Waking Giant” is an experience. It injects you with a sense of wide-eyed wonder and the unbridled desire for adventure.

If you’re looking for music that feels authentic, raw, and perfect for a road trip soundtrack, Winchester 7 & the Runners have delivered a masterpiece.

The Waking Giant is Winchester 7 & the Runners’ Ep Out Now!


The Waking Giant is Winchester 7 & the Runners’ Ep Out Now

Nine tracks in total make up ‘The Waking Giant’, an album that relays the story of a savvy tech investor aspiring to create an
AI-driven world in which the retired, the wealthy, and doomsday preppers alike can immerse themselves.
Each song features the perspective of some new character considering the possibilities of living in such a place – their
body safe and quiet in one setting, their mind enlightened and electrified by all that Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality have to offer.

Featuring quirky pop-rock hits and more deeply evocative reflections of heartbreak and longing, the album somehow proves both scientifically fantastical and profoundly human. ‘Scared Of Changing’ was inspired during a distinctly tumultuous period for the band’s lead Winchester, and the track ‘Dissociation’ even welcomes a twist in direction by exploring the perspective of the A.I. itself.


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